Start your webhosting business with whmcs services

Start Web Hosting Business

To start your hosting business, you need different things, here is the list. And I recommend to read this article fully, so that you can learn every bit about starting a small hosting company. You need the following things to start your hosting business.

  1. VPS/Dedicated Server to Host Client websites.
  2. Domain Reseller for domain registration
  3. Hosting Billing Software to manage orders
  4. Your Hosting Company Name
  5. Your Hosting Company Website

I’m going to explain these all this point on details.

Buy VPS/Dedicated Server to Host Client websites.

I recommend starting your hosting business with VPS because Dedicated servers are very costly. All income will go to rent those servers if you don’t manage the cost of servers carefully. Therefore, choose the best VPS servers provider in the market.

I recommend going with Contabo Server Provider because it offers VPS and Dedicated servers at a very cheap price at the lowest $8.49/month for 4 core/8GB ram/200 GB SSD space VPS server. I guess it is the cheapest servers provider in the world. It’s been 3 years, and we have bought more than 20 VPS servers from Contabo. You can also sell their VPS server to your clients.

Alternatively, You can buy Cloud servers from DigitalOcean. Later on, you can create your own VPS servers package according to your own RAM/Processor configuration from DigitalOcean for your clients.

cPanel/WHM is very important to manage client’s account, so I recommend to buy servers with cPanel/WHM. If you find cPanel costly, you can go with other hosting server management software like PleskCent OS Web Panel.

If you find VPS Server/Dedicated Servers very costly, you can go with Reseller Hosting plans from the following Hosting providers, you can also buy VPS servers from them.

  1. HostGator Reseller/VPS Plan
  2. BlueHost Reseller/VPS Plan
  3. Namecheap Reseller/VPS Plan

Get Domain Reseller for Domain Registration

You need the domain reseller to register domains for your clients. Although, there is very small margin and you will make very low income with domain reselling, but it is very important to sell domains with the Hosting packages.

You can buy Domain Reseller from ResellerClub, they offer .com domain on $9.45/year. You can resell them to your client on $11/year along with hosting package. They will provide the super site so that you can start domain registration business only, you will have all tools to set pricing, name-servers, etc.

Domain Reselling Panel/Price Configuration of Domain extension

Get Billing Software to Manage Hosting Orders and Clients

When you start hosting business/website, you may need web based software to take/manage orders from client and automatically process it.

You can buy WHMCS Billing software. It costs around $15/month for up to 200 account. It provides the web-based billing system to take and manage orders. There will be client area where your client can login and order new hosting plan, see the details like space/bandwidth consumption, expiry date, termination date of the order. Your client can buy both Hosting plan and domain from WHMCS. You will need to link its ready-made GUI module with Domain reseller and VPS/Dedicated Server.

You will require about $70/month to run your own basic hosting website. Here are the details.

  1. Server Cost ($8.49/month for 4 core CPU/8GB RAM/300 GB Space)
  2. cPanel/WHM cost (Around $18/month for 20 accounts)
  3. WHMCS cost (Around $15/month for 200 accounts billing)
  4. Extra cost, like Softaculous, Cloud Linux, Anti Virus (Around $5–$20)

In this way, you can start your own Hosting company/website and start earning revenue.

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Mainuddin Sagor

Web Developer & Digital Marketer

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